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Reading Labels. What You Need To Know.

Most of us know water and oil don't mix. You can take a half bottle of water, fill the other half with oil, shake the bottle until you're blue in the face and the two Will Not mix.

Then why does everything on the drug store shelves contain mostly water? When you read the ingredients list of an acne treatment product, the FDA requires that the list must be in descending prominence. That means the first ingredient listed is what the product contains the most of, and the last ingredient is the least.

Pretty simple right?

The reason water is the first ingredient is profit. It costs much less to produce a water based product. The problem is that the acne we're trying to treat is based in oil and just like putting water and oil together, a water based product simply does not have the ability to fully infiltrate deep down into the follicle. The pore is at the surface, which is why so much emphasis is put on marketing water based acne treatments for cleaning your pores.

Clean pores are great, but if you want to get rid of the inflamed subsurface zits, the only solution is to use something that actually penetrates all the way down into the follicle. There's only one substance that is FDA approved and scientifically proven to be an oil-soluble salicylic acid for the treatment of acne, giving it the ability to truly absorb into the plug of oil and dead skin. It's called BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) which is a natural form of aspirin so not only is it safe, it penetrates the clog and also reduces redness and irritation. BHA is the key active ingredient in Score's Skin Perfecting Serum. It penetrates the clogged follicles while helping your body naturally regulate the production of oil. That's why it works for all skin types and is the only solution that will get your acne under control. We guarantee it!

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