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Skin Care Myth Busters

There are so many skin care myths out there.....

Sometimes it's hard to know what to believe! We'd like to help clear some of those up.

Myth #1

The products sold in department stores are just as good as medical grade products.

This is false!

Over-the-counter products sold in fancy department stores or your local drugstore legally can only enter the epidermis (the top five layers of dead skin). Medical products distributed by doctors, medical aestheticians, and licensed professionals trained in skincare are legally allowed to penetrate through the epidermis and into the dermis (the live skin) where they can change your skin's health and well-being.

Myth #2

Oil makes your acne worse.

This one is true and false.

The wrong kind of oil does make your acne worse but the formulation for our Skin Perfecting Serum, using grapeseed oil and essential oils, acts differently by balancing the skin's need for moisture. It essentially shuts off your body’s need to produce its own excessive acne causing oil!

Myth #3

Glycerin is a quality ingredient.

Absolutely false!

While glycerin is very commonly found in beauty products, it is only used because it is a cheap ingredient. It hydrates the epidermis but dehydrates the dermis. Glycerin is not found in Score Skincare. We use only natural medical grade ingredients with no fillers or additives.

#1 Truth

Score's Skin Perfecting Serum

  • is medical grade, prescription strength without a prescription

  • uses the right kind of oil for all skin types

  • is glycerin free

Our Skin Perfecting Serum’s all active ingredients are specially compounded to alleviate most skin issues. It uses specially micronized ingredients to penetrate through the epidermis into the dermis to correct your skin and turn back time!

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