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The Difference Between Over-the-Counter and Medical Skin Care Products

Imagine you walk into the department store and everything smells wonderful, little gold bottles as far as the eye can see. You're warmly greeted by an eager salesman ready to teach you the newest beauty trick. She somehow convinces you that in the beautiful little package that smells so delightful is the fountain of youth and you just have to have it. Regardless of the price, you plop down your Amex and you go home ready to start reversing the aging process with each application.

Unfortunately the fine print clearly states "helps the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles." There is a very significant reason for that. Over-the-counter products sold in fancy department stores or your local drugstore legally can only enter the epidermis. The epidermis is the five layers of dead skin on top of your reticular layer or dermis which is your live skin.

Medical products that can be distributed by doctors, medical aestheticians, and licensed professionals trained in skincare are legally allowed to penetrate through the epidermis and into the dermis where they can be active and change your skin's health and well-being. Unfortunately, most medical products are in a more clinical packaging and active ingredients tend to smell less enticing.

So if it's results that you're looking for, active medical products are the only way to change your skin and reverse aging, acne damage, and disease. High-grade medical essential oils are micronized to penetrate the epidermis and travel in the capillary system of the dermis to achieve holistic medical results.

It is still very important to read the ingredients on any product and know what you're putting on your skin for it eats what you put on it every bit as much as what you eat for dinner.

Now, as an educated consumer you will better be able to understand why quality medical grade products are a must! With this knowledge you will feel confident in choosing the right skin care products to achieve your goals.

We've made Score's Skin Perfecting Serum with natural medical grade ingredients suitable for all skin types. It's guaranteed to help eliminate acne and reduce fine lines to create a more youthful glow!

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