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Do Foods Cause Acne?

When it comes to the argument of whether or not food causes acne, or not you'll find people are evenly divided over the question as if there is an absolute solution that helps everyone. Some people argue firmly that certain foods do indeed cause the skin to erupt with an acne outbreak, and others that argue certain foods will prevent acne breakouts.

It seems to be an “I’m right, you’re wrong” arg

ument, but the reality is both can be right and both be wrong. Typically the truth is found somewhere in the middle of an opposing argument, and indeed acne breakouts can be linked to certain foods with some people just as some foods can actually help prevent breakouts in others. The issue however is not the food alone and neither is the standalone solution.

Saying chocolate causes outbreaks is just as irresponsible as saying blueberries help prevent breakouts. It comes down to an individual’s sensitivity to foods and/or chemical stresses. If you are sensitive to any ingredient in a food, whether the food is known to be junk or health food, you will respond differently than someone without a food sensitivity. For those blaming pizza or chocolate for causing breakouts you could be missing the fact that it could just be a sensitivity to garlic or casein. For those proclaiming certain berries prevent breakouts could be missing the fact that someone could have a ‘FODMAP’ sensitivity and make someone worse.

The body only has so much stress fighting power to handle the three different types of stress…chemical, physical, and emotional. There is a direct correlation between the three stresses, and to blame it on just one is irresponsible.

However, some foods are typically known to be less stressful while others have been found to be more. Studies have shown that certain populations of the world never experience problems with acne. This population typically does not consume the high carbohydrate and dairy rich foods most Americans eat.

Even though some foods claim to be nut-tricious, some keep asking if you’ve got it or claiming you can’t eat just one, there is a higher chance of nuts, milk, and chips causing an acne breakout. Foods like watermelon, oranges, spinach, carrots, or other omega 3/antioxidant property foods are more likely to help prevent acne breakouts.

So the bottom line is that both sides of the argument can be both right and wrong. There are foods that can cause acne, and there are foods that can prevent it. It comes down to the individual’s stress tolerance. A stressful mind, a poorly cared for body, and poor food choices all play a role in how your skin looks. Exercise, meditation/prayer, and clean food are your best bet to a clean face, healthier attitude, and a better life.

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